Top Physical Benefits Of Kayaking

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2 Fri 2018 kathleen Comments: 0
  • Improves your cardiovascular system which is directly beneficial for good heart health.
  • Increased strength in your chest – the rowing action and motion used flex your pectoral muscles which stabilizes your shoulders and arms.
  • Increased strength in your shoulders – the rowing works your lateral and your rear as well as lateral and anterior deltoids.
  • Increased strength in your arms – the paddling motion are continuously contracting your triceps and biceps.
  • Increased stamina – the more kayaking you do the greater your strength will become.
  • Increased ab definition – the rotational paddling movements you do continuously work both your obliques and abdomen.
  • Increased Vitamin D intake – especially when you go kayaking on beautiful sunny days, the sun allows you to absorb Vitamin D.
  • Increased leg strength – when you are paddling and uses the correct paddling motion you will automatically work your leg muscles.
  • Helps in weight loss – when you paddle often and continuous you will consistently continue to lose weight too.
  • Strengthens your core and torso – you will find increased growth in muscles which will start to develop as you steer and balance your kayak.
  • Strengthens your back – the paddling motion both contracts and stretches your lats.
2 Fri 2018 kathleen