Top Mental Health Benefits Of Kayaking

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5 Thu 2019 kathleen Comments: 0

Your mental health plays a huge role in your overall physical health and as they say, a healthy body creates a healthy mind, but it is true the other way around, too. It is true in the case of people that suffer from depression as it causes their mind to spiral uncontrollably and their self-worth is underestimated. Kayaking plays a large role in many areas of your mental health as the motion of paddling propels your body forward, which releases endorphins that physical activity causes. The tranquillity of being on the water and in nature combined with exercise is excellent for health, mind and weight.

  • Contributes to mental clarity – mental clarity means that your mind is calm and this is true when you experience the wonders of nature and being on open water. Your mind automatically releases all thoughts to deliver a calmness that combined with exercise allows you to enjoy being in the moment and de-stress completely.
  • Makes you happier – when you combine spending time outdoors and physical exercise it has been proven that it causes happiness. Kayak exercise is a tremendous aid in maintaining a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.
  • Puts you into a routine – you will enjoy the benefits that kayaking offer and try to make it part of a routine and schedule times and days or weekends that you devote to this sport. Routine is excellent in a healthy mind as it builds a healthy body.
  • Emotional benefits – nature and water combined with physical activity give you a surreal experience which will increase your positivity.
  • Increased mental focus – any activity increases your mental focus, however the feeling that kayaking gives will leave you more determined as you do something which allows you to see your starting point and end destination.
  • Increases your confidence – many factors contribute towards individuals suffering from low self-esteem. The exercise combined with the mental health benefits that you notice here will boost your confidence and you will feel more like an accomplished person. Your physical shape, mental shape and strength will show in your improved mood and appearance.
  • Reduces your stress levels – highly stressed individuals have many problems that are directly caused by stress. This includes being overweight, emotional, etc. while de-stressing is possible when you join a gym, think about the activity that kayaking brings while you are outdoors in tranquil surroundings that will bring stress levels down to zero.
5 Thu 2019 kathleen