The Most Visited River for Kayaking

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2 Sat 2019 kathleen Comments: 0

One of the most often visited destinations for kayakers is the abundant, vast and beautiful Colorado River. Over the years, the beauty of the Southwest has attracted the most kayakers worldwide. Home to the Grand Canyon and hot spots like Las Vegas, the Southwest offers one of the most diverse, most exciting and active travel experiences available in the United States of America.

Before You Hop In The River

Heading down south to hop in the river is a unique experience. Similar to any other trip, kayakers need to be aware of their grade and ability to navigate certain waters. Understanding the river ahead of time is key to having a fun and safe adventure. Planning on your own is difficult, especially if you are far away and don’t know the river already. A map can’t tell the whole story to a kayaker. Many people consider travelling services such as livi and medical, CAA and other specialist tour groups that take some of the stress away from worrying about medical and safety concerns while vacationing. While kayaking down the Colorado River is a thrilling enough experience, it may be best to allow a tour guide to handle some of the logistics.

Kayaking Has Options

It is essential to research tour guides because there are many features to choose from when taking a kayak trip in the Southwest. Some tours will focus on experiencing nature and wildlife. Slide down the river into the habitat of big horned sheep and coyotes. Watch a bald eagle fly overhead while paddling through the soft waters at sunset. The majestic Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world for its incredible, breathtaking beauty. It is something that every kayaker should see once.

Vital Items

As much as kayaking can be an extreme sport, it can also provide an entire family with one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences. Some canyons and spaces can be explored without thrashing through rivers and waterfalls. Children possibly as young as four or five years old can kayak, as long as they are provided with a proper lifejacket, some training in shallow waters before taking on anything more difficult, and appropriate clothes for the weather. Always put your items in waterproof containers and pack a snack, water, and a first aid kit before you head out on any trip.

The vast open spaces, small rivers and grand canyons of the Southwest are the best places to take a vacation. Take a hiking trip one day, hop in the kayak another, take a trip to Las Vegas and roam the desert for a while. So many beautiful attractions make the Southwest suitable for anyone. A few hours separate each of the Southwest hot spots, offering visitors the opportunity to curate the most diverse vacation which they have ever experienced.

2 Sat 2019 kathleen