The Best Sit-On-Top Kayak for Beginners

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13 Sun 2019 kathleen Comments: 0

It could be tricky when you are new to kayaking to choose the best kayak especially when you plan to continue actively enjoying this great outdoor activity. We will explore the best sit-on-top kayak that comes from a top manufacturer and tells you why this is an excellent choice. Our recommendation:

Tarpon 100 beginner Kayak from Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems is a leading manufacturer that had the beginner in mind when they designed this model. Having five colour options, it is very attractive.

One of the standout features that makes it extremely user-friendly is the adjustable and integrated seat which most other sit-on-top kayaks do not have. This seat is ultra-comfy with loads of ergonomic padding and you will enjoy the longest paddling trip without any discomfort.

While most kayaks appear to have zero storage space especially the sit-on-top types, you also have more than enough dry bulkhead storage space that will allow you to pack your gear and keep it dry. The front of the kayak has a dry storage compartment where you can store your smaller items like phones, electronic devices, etc., while the rear storage compartment is large with bungee cords.

It offers deck lashing too as well as an adjustable footrest which is great for users of varying heights. It is designed with a moulded hull which means it is very stable. This kind of hull is multi-chine and ideal at providing stability during high and low speeds.

Its length is perfect, as it is not too short that it appears as a squirrelly kayak, while it is not too long that you will find it difficult to have your first kayaking trip. It could rather be described as reasonably sized kayak when you consider it is just over 30 inches wide and a length of ten feet.

13 Sun 2019 kathleen