Sea Kayaking along the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales

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13 Sun 2019 kathleen Comments: 0

Out of the mouths of natives, you always find the best reply on questions relating to the country. However, when looking for the best sea kayaking holiday you would expect a different answer each time when asking various nationalities the same question. To start at the beginning; the question came up about where the finest sea kayaking would be. UK natives and kayaking experts from other countries agreed; Wales. Wales offers adventure seekers an intricate coastline that is designed for exploration by kayak.

While the list of watersport activities is extensive along Wales coastlines, the top sea kayaking adventure holidays are in Pembrokeshire. The highly rated Preseli Venture in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire is a 5-star holiday event that offers sea kayaking holidays and weekends. Kayakers explore the spectacular sea cliffs, the untamed magnificence of the coast and abundance of sea life by kayak.

A whole series of sea kayaking holidays and weekends offer a slice of a world-renowned sea paradise that includes a part of the Pembrokeshire National Park’s coast. The experience includes a massive variety of coastal scenery where fascinating features awaits under natural rock arches, sea caves, waterfalls and high sea cliffs.

Playing and exploring include surfing onto secluded beaches or chilling out in idyllic coves after catching waves through rocky channels or bobbing between sea stacks. A variety of adventure options are ready for the picking. That includes kayaking courses and holidays that are tailored to different levels of expertise.

Other activities offered by Preseli Venture include walking, surfing and coasteering and everything is aimed at providing as much adventure to the adrenalin junkie as possible. Activity weekends for adults for those individuals who love to take a short break every so often will love what is planned here. Preseli plans the type of weekend for the type of person that loves throwing themselves off cliffs while immersing themselves in everything they do, and the places visited.

While all activity is an adrenalin cocktail, the 5-star accommodations at the ecolodge offers a tranquil relaxing evening after a rough and exciting day at sea. This luxurious sanctuary accommodates up to 40 people with 11 bedrooms. Facilities at the ecolodge include free Wi-Fi, excellent sound systems, sheltered bonfire site, pool table and outside play area, drying room, private licensed bar, complimentary drinks, coffee and tea and a magnificent coastal location.

13 Sun 2019 kathleen