New to Kayaking? Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

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15 Thu 2022 kathleen Comments: 0

If you are just starting kayaking, you might be relishing the opportunity to get on the water. However, most beginners make some mistakes that often take away the fun from their first kayak trip. Kayaking is enjoyable in many ways, but only when you do things right. That said, here are some mistakes that you should avoid on your first kayak trip.

Starting on Big Water

Most beginners are usually tempted to have their first kayak trip on big water. Not so soon. It is always advisable to start on a small, calm water body that is warm enough for swimming. Once you get comfortable and have some experience, you can then move to bigger waters.

Kayaking on Busy Waters

Some lakes have considerable boat traffic. Kayaking on a busy lake can be a great mistake for a beginner. For the best first-time experience, you should opt for a small lake without boat traffic. And if all the available options have boat traffic, try kayaking later in the day or early in the morning when only a few people are out.

Kayaking on Rivers

Going for your first kayak trip on a river is not recommended. For starters, the river’s current comes with all manner of hazards. However, unless you have an experienced kayaker on board, do not start with a river. For the best results, learn on a calm lake.

Kayaking for Extended Times

Some beginners fall for the temptation of going for a day-long first trip. Even though kayaking can be alluring, always stick to an hour-long trip. Taking it easy on the waters when you are starting out is key to helping you learn how to enjoy yourself on the water.

Assuming That Nothing Bad Will Happen

It is usually unimaginable that “something bad” will happen during your first kayak trip, but emergencies occur without warning. Safe paddling means that you should be prepared for any emergency. And this means having your safety gear on and also having an emergency kit always in place.

15 Thu 2022 kathleen