Kayaking Basic Safety Tips

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11 Thu 2021 kathleen Comments: 0

Are you looking for a fun water activity? Well, kayaking is one of the activities you can enjoy in shallow waters. With the aid of double padded paddles, you can compete with your friends racing along rushing water. Although even someone who has not tried kayaking before can successfully manoeuvre through waterways, it is critical to observe safety measures.

Here are some of the safety tips to consider when kayaking.

Observe the Weather Pattern

It is critical to consider the water temperatures and conditions of the water body before you start kayaking. You have to be ready for weather change to avoid capsizing. For instance, if you find out that the waves are too strong, you may avoid kayaking on such a day or ensure you stay along the shores. Besides, you have to be cautious of the shore winds that can make it difficult to go to the shore.

Appropriate Clothing

A kayak is an open vessel. Therefore, the weather conditions of the day affect your clothing plans. For example, when the water temperatures are too low, this will mean putting on warm clothes. However, you can start kayaking when it’s hot, only for the weather to change. This requires you to carry with your warm clothes like jackets. Furthermore, you should have safety kits like floaters and life jackets.

Follow Boating Rules

Every water body has its rules. There are marked points where everyone kayaking should not go beyond or areas where you should not access. The spots identified pose risks and are marked as black-spots. For instance, should stay off an area where the lake is deep, and kayaks are not allowed.

Never Exceed Weight and Kayak when Drunk

Overloaded vessels can quickly capsize. Thus, observe the weight limit of the kayak. Besides, avoid kayaking when under the influence of drugs. For instance, you should not drink alcohol or kayak when under medication.

11 Thu 2021 kathleen