Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss?

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17 Mon 2018 kathleen Comments: 0

A question that is relatively easy to answer is whether kayaking is good for weight loss. Consider this when you are out of shape and feeling flabby while still lacking the motivation to visit a gym. While any form of exercise is good for you, it does get monotonous and the same old fitness routine can be demotivating for any person. Are you the type of person that loves a challenge and are an adventurous type of person? Do you love exhilaration and fun experiences but lack the opportunity? How about losing weight, burn calories while doing something fun? At the same time, would you like to meet new people and expand your social circle and love doing new things too? If your answer is yes to many of these questions, then kayaking is one of the top recommended sports for you to participate in.

Keep in mind that kayaking is something that engages your entire body and mind both factors that contribute to weight gain and weight loss. When you engage in kayaking you are out in the open which is first great for your mind and clarity and fresh air is excellent. Getting onto a kayak engages your body especially your upper body, which is a part that hardly ever gets engaged when you participate in cardiovascular exercises. You balance your lower back and abdominal muscles, which are engaged at the same time the rest of your body is. All these factors will result in weight loss and your question answered.

17 Mon 2018 kathleen