Facts on Technology Applications in Kayaking

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15 Tue 2020 kathleen Comments: 0

Have you ever wondered how professional kayakers win competitions? In contrast, whenever you go kayaking, you can never match their agility and skill? Also, ever wonder why the water foams across the whole stretch of the competition area, whereas some parts of the river have no foam when you go kayaking. Well, all this can be attributed to technology, and this article will discuss these technologies.

Wearable Devices

Fitness trackers are used by many sportspeople, and kayakers have not been left behind. Some advanced wearable trackers can track activity and kinds of food consumed, and share this data with trainers remotely. Using this data, trainers can schedule video calls with trainees to review their training and eating habits. Some devices can even count the number of strokes someone has done.

Video Analysis Software

As a pro, a slight micro-movement can make you lose or win a championship. Besides, kayaking is a fast-paced sport, and you can never mentally note every minute detail during training. This is where video analysis becomes integral. Pro-kayakers mount small cameras on rocks as they practice to catch every detail of their body mechanics, then review it later in slow motion. Modern cameras have long battery lives, so kayakers do not need to replace batteries between practice sessions. The cameras are portable and eliminate the need to have a professional filming crew.

Video footage also allows them to assess the characteristics of the river they will be competing in and the adjustments they need to make to stay safe and win the competition. Video analysis technology has also evolved, and kayakers can watch two videos side-by-side when comparing their tactics to other competitors.

On-Water Technology

Competition organisers use various technologies to create optimal water levels during kayaking competitions using electric bladders with metallic tops. The bladder has a pump inside it, which can be deflated and inflated using a remote to control the water levels.

15 Tue 2020 kathleen