Adventure, Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength – Paddling Offers Everything

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17 Fri 2019 kathleen Comments: 0

We live in times where everybody is expected to be fit, healthy and perfect weight. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these, however, every time a new fitness fad is available it becomes a new obsession. Most people are busy and most also try to go to the gym too, but many activities are overlooked. We like to consider the newest craze, fitness DVD and new techniques, but getting into shape the natural way by involving the outdoors should remain the best fitness centre. One of those natural favourites is kayaking and excellent workout anyone will benefit from.

Kayaking offers an excellent upper body workout with the resistance of the water providing the paddler with a great strength workout for many areas including shoulders and chest, arms and back. It does not matter whether you are on a calm lake or fighting a current on the ocean.

Kayaking is great in toning and flattening your tummy as it takes a lot of movement and strength to paddle. When you paddle on boat side of the kayak, it means you are continuously doing side-to-side twisting movements that actively work your muscles and targeting more tummy muscles you would otherwise overlook.

Your legs form an integral part of the kayaking movement throughout the paddling. To guide and steer the kayak you use your legs and your core, the rotation of your core needs help and that help comes from your leg muscles that grow in strength each time you paddle.

When you consider the calories you burn while paddling, you automatically lose weight and at the same time, you are getting cardio and aerobic exercise too. When you start to pick up the pace and work harder you will immediately notice the elevated heartbeat that will compare incredibly well to any treadmill or elliptical machine.

Compare paddling with other types of exercise like treadmill or aerobics did traditionally you will find that you have zero tolls on your ankles or knees. As a low-impact sport, you have much less demand on any tissues and joints.

Consider these points mentioned and notice that while it offers you everything you would get at a gym to get fit, healthy and lose weight, it offers much more. While getting all of those benefits, you have a great time and every time you go kayaking, it is a new adventure out in open water.

17 Fri 2019 kathleen