Adrenaline Rushes – Kayaking in Britain

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22 Wed 2018 kathleen Comments: 0

Kayaking is a top balanced sport that combines adrenaline-fueled thrills with a good physical workout while you enjoy nature and get wet in the process. Regardless of whether you love pounding rapids, peaceful lakes, tidal races or exploring rugged coastlines, you will have more than enough excellent kayaking spots in Britain.

County Antrim, Glenarm River

Here an experienced kayaker will have the time of his life! If you can handle it, it is a challenging and thrilling ride at the same time. You have the northern Irish charm and exquisite beauty. It is perched in the country’s northeastern corner and as a spate river, the Glenarm is incredibly feisty especially after heavy rainfall. You get rapids that reach up to five during full flow while you get messed around in tonnes of eddies, stoppers, pools and drops.

Lee Valley White Water Centre


Just outside London is the UK’s top kayaking spot where the capital’s kayakers love hanging out. This centre caters for all level kayakers from beginners with the big calm lake to the level 3 rapids of the man-made Legacy Loop. Experienced kayakers have the Olympic level rapids and slalom course to test their best skills.

Snowdonia National Park, Welsh National White Water Centre

The Welsh National White Water Centre is dam fed by the Tryweryn River and aside from a stunning location are you guaranteed to experience great rapids. The water is released regularly from the Llyn Celyn dam down the river Tryweryn and it reaches rates of up to 12 cubic meters per second and subsequently forms grade 4 rapids. It is the type of rapid that easily float anyone’s boat and this is something experienced adrenalin junkies on a holiday must experience at least once in their lifetime.

22 Wed 2018 kathleen